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We have been equipping our water purification and waste water treatment plants with the latest technologies and follow latest methods so as to deliver an efficient range. After conducting thorough research and development, we adopted membrane technology as membrane is used for separating components of varying particle sizes. This technology is also employed for separating components over molecular weight from macromolecular material. While using this technology, we pay paramount attention towards the selection of the membrane and make sure that the size of the pores in the selected membrane is smaller than the size of the smallest particle in the feed stream that is to be retained by the membrane.

Membrane processes that we use are classified on the basis of pressure, electrical potential, particle pressure and concentration ingredient. Further, adopting Cross flow pressure driven membrane filtration like Reverse osmosis, Nano filtration, Ultra filtration and Micro filtration processes, we have been manufacturing water purification and waste water treatment plants that can be used in various domestic and industrial applications. The point to be noted is that the only difference between the above filtration processes is only the pore size of membrane.

As a client oriented firm, we have established a pilot scale trial facility at our premises and the client’s site so as to check the probability of the membrane technology to be used for specific feed solution. The data collected after conducting the regular checks is used for designing a precision engineered range of water purification and waste water treatment plants.

Research and Development

We have a full-fledged R&D department which has been established with a clear vision of helping us in providing efficient solution for water borne problems and promote the concept of water conservation through optimum utilization and recycling of water. Our R&D professional keep them abreast with the latest technological advances and help us in providing innovative solutions that deal in development activities related to corrosion, water management and other associated industrial problems. Making use of the best available source of information, this department remains committed to solve intrinsic problems faced by us and our clients in the field of water management related problems.

The research laboratory conducts analyses under various conditions and by using techniques that are conducive to high degree of reliability and meet international standards so as to provide accurate input data for investigation and management of water associated problems.

Moreover, creative approach and stringent verification procedures guarantee the reliability and everlasting performance of our systems. The observations are then sent to the production department for making suggestive changes in designs and features of our range of water purification and waste water treatment plants.

Quality Assurance

Being an environmental engineering group, we pay paramount attention in designing and developing water and wastewater treatment systems that help our clients in keeping industrial and domestic environment clean and make optimum use of resources. We maintain perfect laboratory management system by adhering to total quality principles and implementing the policies and procedures laid down in laboratory quality document in every aspect of its work, at all levels of operation. Our quality managers keeping a vigilant eye on the whole design, manufacturing and installation process and follow latest quality standards.

Regular test on various parameters are carried at regular intervals which include:
    Resin analysis

    Elimination of chemicals for regeneration

    Consistency in quality water generation

    Conductivity regulation

    Power consumption

    Sanitization time

    Operation time

    Mode of operation

Our company maintains perfect laboratory management system by adhering to total quality principles and implementing the policies and procedures laid down in laboratory quality document in every aspect of its work, at all levels of operation. Each aspect related to quality attribute and features is carefully monitored which in turn has enabled us to deliver systems in accordance with the specifications of our clients.

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