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Application Membrane System For Process Applications
Water Treatment  
  Pharmaceutical Industry  
  Chemical Industry  
  Food & Beverages Industry  
  Textile Industry  
  Dairy Industry  
  Metal &Tanneries Industries  
  Paper & Pulp industry  

Membrane can selectively separate components over a wide range of particle size and molecular weight from macromolecular materials. Membrane should be selected such that the size of the pores is smaller than the size of the smallest particle in the feed stream that is to be retained by the membrane.

We have membrane technology for Different type of industries for different applications.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Recovery of valuable product from mother liquor, Concentration of any dilute solution at low energy consumption, Concentration and Purification of Enzymes and Amino acids, Vitamins and Antibiotis, Concentration and Fractionation of Blood and Plazma and Fermentation Broth

Chemical Industry
Concentration and Desalting of Reactive, Acid and Direct Dyes, Concentration and Purification of Dispersing Agent, Photographic Emulsions. Glycol and Glycerin recovery, ED Paints recovery from rinse bath and recycle of fresh water, Oil and water separation, Purification of valuable aqueous solution, Refinement of Brine with ceramic membrane in Chlor-alkali industry.

Food and Beverages (Distillery) Industry
Concentration, Clarification and Purification of Fruit Juice like Apple, Grape, Orange, Mango etc., Sugar Cane Juice, Starch and Glucose, Beer and Wine

Textile Industry
Recovery of Salt (NaCl & Na2SO4) from Dye Bath waste water, Starch and Poly Vinyl Alcohol, Indigo Dye and Reduction of COD, BOD, Color, TDS, Oil and Grease, Suspended Solids and Other polluted parameters.

Metal and Tanneries Industry
Recovery of precious metal Zinc, Chrome, Nickel, Gold, Silver, etc., Copper Sulphate from Waste stream, Chrome from tannin bath and Concentration of dilute Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid and Sulphuric Acid and recycle fresh water

Paper and Pulp Industry
Recovery of valuable chemical like Lignin, Ligno Sulphonate and Caustic from wastewater

Ceramic Membrane System MF / UF/ NF
RO Membrane System / RO Plant
Membrane System For Process Applications
Membranes For Dairy Application
Turnkey Projects For WTP / ETP / STP
Industrial Evaporation Plants
Water Treatment Plant
Effluent Treatment Plant
Sewage Treatment Plant
Compact Sewage Treatment Plant
Electro Oxidation And Disinfection
Electro Oxidation / Electro Coagulation Plant For STP / ETP
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