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Membrane can selectively separate components over a wide range of particle size and molecular weight from macromolecular materials. Membrane should be selected such that the size of the pores is smaller than the size of the smallest particle in the feed stream that is to be retained by the membrane.

There is different membrane processes classified according to driving force used in process like Pressure, Electrical Potential, Particle Pressure and Concentration Ingredient.

    Concentration and Fractionation of Skimmed Milk

    Concentration and Fractionation of Cheese Whey

    Concentration of Whole milk

    Separation of Protein and Lactose from Cheese Whey and Skimmed Milk

    Concentration and Purification of Lactose and Protein

    Removal of traces of milk and Aroma from condensed water of Spray drier plant

    Reduction of All major effluent parameters for from wastewater

    Recycling of fresh water from wastewater

Aastropure Systems Private Limited has developed pilot scale trial facility at their premises and at customer's site to check the feasibility of membrane technology for specific feed solution. Based on pilot scale trial data we will design suitable system with engineering excellence to meet customer's requirement.

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