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Industrial Evaporation Plants
We offer Industrial Evaporation Plants where in the evaporation process takes place. Here, the concentration of a product is accomplished by boiling the solution. Finally product should be recovered in the form of solid or evaporated liquid. The recovered end product should have optimum solids content consistent with desired product quality and operating economics. It is a unit operation that is used extensively in Waste Water Evaporation, Metal salt industries, Processing foods, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Fruit juices, Dairy products, Agro Chemicals and R.O. Reject Water Evaporation. It is a unit operation which, with the possible exception of distillation, is the most energy intensive. Different type of combinations is used in the evaporation system to take into account different product characteristics and operating parameters.

Our industrial evaporation plants include industrial evaporator, combination evaporators, multiple effect evaporators, falling film evaporators and forced circulation evaporators.

Falling Film
We are offering high quality range of falling film vaporizers which are provided with thin films that are in contact with heat transfer surfaces. Available at reasonable rate, these falling films have wide industrial applications
Falling Film Evaporators
Spreading of liquid to each tube and forming the thin film across surface area of the tube is the operating principle of falling film evaporator system. The falling film evaporator does have the advantage that the film is 'going with gravity' instead of against it. This results in a thinner, faster moving film and gives rise to an even shorter product contact time and a further improvement in the value of HTC. This type of evaporator is suitable for low fouling and low viscous fluid.
Forced Circulation Evaporators
The forced circulation evaporator is suitable for processing liquors which are susceptible to scaling or crystallizing. Liquid is circulated at a high rate through the calandria, boiling being prevented within the unit by virtue of a hydrostatic head maintained above the top tube plate. As the liquid enters the separator where the absolute pressure is slightly less than in the tube bundle, the liquid flashes to form a vapor.
The main applications for a forced circulation evaporator are in the concentration of inversely soluble materials, crystallizing duties, and in the concentration of thermally degradable materials which result in the deposition of solids. Forced circulation evaporators normally are more expensive than film evaporators because of the need for large bore circulating pipework and large recirculating pumps. Operating costs of such a unit also are considerably higher.
Combination Evaporators
The combination of Falling Film Evaporator followed by forced circulation evaporator system is the most economical operation. This combination is suitable for the concentration of more dilute solution to the saturated solution. For example concentration solution of Textile Effluent containing 2-3% sodium sulphate, to recover the Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous Salt by using Falling Film + Forced circulation combination evaporator system.
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