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Application Electro Oxidation / Electro Coagulation Plant for STP / ETP
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We are Designing, Manufacturing, Erection and Commissioning of Electro Oxidation / Electro Coagulation Plant for Sewage Treatment and Effluent Treatment of Different types of Industries, Special Economical Zones (SEZs), Industrial Complexes, Municipal Corporations, Nagar Palikas, Hotel Industries, Residential Colonies. We identify and study the possible options by which treated sewage can be recycled for Gardening, Flushing or for other Process Applications for industries. We are optimizing the size and power consumption of treatment plant as possible as we can by our best knowledge.

Aastropure’s Electro Oxidation / Electro Coagulation based Plant for inland applications have been designed for gravity or pumping treatment and built to be installed on the surface. These plants carry out the treatment by Electro oxidation / Electro Coagulation.

The Plant is single built in a closed module which has different chambers have been arranged, facilitating their transport and installation. Every chamber has been provided with the necessary access and inspection registers.

This modular construction allows the increase of the processing capacity by placing more Plants in parallel. The Plants are supplied fully pre-assembled and tested, so that they can be installed in their definite location in one day.

    No Odour Generation

    Inside and Outer protection: epoxy paint

    Access and inspection registers in every chamber

    Packaged and transportable plant

    Suitable for remote locations

    Permanent and mobile installation

    Designed to the required capacity

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