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Application Ceramic Membrane System MF / UF/ NF
Water Treatment  
  Pharmaceutical Industry  
  Chemical Industry  
  Food & Beverages Industry  
  Textile Industry  
  Dairy Industry  
  Metal &Tanneries Industries  
  Paper & Pulp industry  

Ceramic membrane is a porous fine ceramic filter which is sintered from Alumina, Titania or Zirconia under ultra high temperature. Ceramic membrane normally has an asymmetrical structure with porous support active membrane layer.  The macro porous support ensures the mechanical resistance while the active layer functions separation ranging from Micro filtration, Ultra filtration and even Nano filtration (from 10nm down to 1KD). Ceramic Membrane always runs at a Cross Flow Filtration mode. The turbid fluid goes through membrane layer inside the single channel or a multi channel at a high velocity. Driven by Trans Membrane Pressure (TMP), the clean liquid with micro-molecule pass through the membrane layer vertically to permeation, the solid and big molecule is rejected in retenate. The feed fluid is thus clarified, concentrated and purified.

Ceramic Membrane System MF  UF NF

Advantages Applications
Acid/ Alkaline/ Oxidation chemicals resistance   Biotechnology
Solvent stability Pharmaceutical
High thermal stability Traditional Medicine
Steam disinfected Food Beverage
Wearability and excellent strength Waste water treatment
Universal replacement compatible Chemical Industry
Retenate mycroproteins can be used without chemical additives Nano Particle
    Oil Water separation

Ceramic Membrane System MF / UF/ NF
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