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In India there are major wine and beer and Industrial alcohol producers has setup their plants in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Madhya Pradesh and rest part of India. They are producing alcohol by using mainly Molasses as a raw material for production of Alcohol. This molasses contains 7 to 8% glucose, which is converted in to alcohol by fermentation process. First molasses is diluted by adding water and adjust the total dissolved solids upto 7 to 8 %. Then Yeast is to be added in diluted molasses solution and fermentation process takes place. As process go up glucose is converted in to Ethyl alcohol and Carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide will remove as a gaseous form, which is collected separately. After sufficient conversion from glucose in to ethyl alcohol this solution now called as a beer solution. This beer solution then passed through distillation column. Based on temperature difference ethyl alcohol separated from beer solution and condensed in to liquid form. There are also oil is separated as by product. The wastewater from distillery column called spent wash liquor. Spent liquor contains lot of suspended and dissolved impurities mainly organic, color, TDS, oil. Due to presence of high amount of impurities it is very difficult to control parameters as per pollution board limit by conventional wastewater treatment plant.

Here membrane technology has answer. This spent wash liquor can pass through Digester to convert organic load in to Biogas which is used as a fuel of Stream and Power generation and then passed through membrane system to produce pure water or to be pass through per filtration followed by Membrane system without using primary and/or secondary conventional wastewater treatment. Membrane system will separate pure water which will be recycle in process and reject of membrane system can be further concentrate by thermal energy and directly used as a bio fuel.

Type of Industry : Distillery unit

Aim :To control all parameters as per pollution board limit and recycle pure water for process.

Point of use : Directly from equalization tank

Treatment scheme :
  • Settling tank
  • Filter press
  • Micron bag filter
  • Micron cartridge filter
  • 1st membrane system
  • 2st membrane system
  • 3st membrane system
  • 4st membrane system
Analysis :
Sr.No Parameters Before After
[1] pH 7.5 to 8.0 7.5 to 8.0
[2] Color Dark brown color Colorless
[3] COD 50,000ppm 200ppm max
[4] BOD 2000ppm 20ppm max
[5] Oil and Grease 2ppm Nil
[6] Total suspended solids 6000ppm Nil
[7] Total dissolved solids 4000ppm 500ppm max.

The concentrate mass i.e. reject of 1st and 2nd Membrane system to be feed in to Bio methane gas plant and convert in to methane gas which to be used as fuel and water is recycle back in fermentation plant. With the help of membrane system we can recycle 75% to 80% pure water for process. The reject of 4th Membrane system to be further treat by solar/thermal evaporation for the recovery Potash salts.

Conclusion :
Membrane system can used at various stages and can get optimum advantage.

First option :
Spent was liquor can directly pass through membrane system to concentrate upto 20 to 30% depend on initial organic load and then further concentrate by thermal energy and used as a Bio fuel for the production of power and steam as spent wash liquor is having very high calorific value.

Second option :
Spent wash liquor to be first pass through Digester and convert organic load in to Bio gas and over flow of digester to be treat by membrane process and recycle at least 70 to 80% of pure water for process and reject of membrane system to be convert into bio compost fertilizer.

New development in Distillery Industries :
After preparing beer solution in fermentation process prior to distillation it should be pass through membrane system. This membrane system will remove all kind of suspended solids and high molecular weight dissolved impurities. This will help to improve the efficiency of distillery column in terms of heat transfer and maintenance as well as treatment cost of effluent treatment plant will drastically reduce.

Due to saving in energy consumption in Distillery Industries by using Membrane system prior to distillation, it is crystal clear that CO2 emission also reduced subsequently. This will help to reduce ozone layer depletion resulting improvement in environment.
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